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JBNST - Vol. 238/5 - 2018

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Special Issue: Empirical Health Economics

Guest Editorial – Special Issue on Empirical Health Economics
JBNST - Vol. 238/5 - 2018, pp. 371-374.

Original Articles
Waiting Times for Outpatient Treatment in Germany: New Experimental Evidence from Primary Data
JBNST - Vol. 238/5 - 2018, pp. 375-394.
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Biased Lung Cancer Risk Perceptions: Smokers are Misinformed
JBNST - Vol. 238/5 - 2018, pp. 395-422.
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Using a Bayesian Structural Time–Series Model to Infer the Causal Impact on Cigarette Sales of Partial and Total Bans on Public Smoking
JBNST - Vol. 238/5 - 2018, pp. 423-439.
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Does Compressing High School Duration Affect Students’ Stress and Mental Health? Evidence from the National Educational Panel Study
JBNST - Vol. 238/5 - 2018, pp. 441-476.
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