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JBNST - Vol. 242/1 - 2022

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Original Articles
Human Capital and Economic Growth in OECD Countries Revisited: Initial Stock versus Changes in the Stock of Human Capital Effects
JBNST - Vol. 242/1 - 2022, pp. 1-38.
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The Macroeconomic Determinants of House Prices and Rents
JBNST - Vol. 242/1 - 2022, pp. 38-86.
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The Exposure Geography of Italian Local Economies to Major Foreign Ones. Evidences from a Multiscale Spatial Experiment Based on Granularity
JBNST - Vol. 242/1 - 2022, pp. 87-105.
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Which Factors Determine the Adoption of the Internet of Things? Impacts and Benefits
JBNST - Vol. 242/1 - 2022, pp. 107-147.
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Under Debate
What Determines COVID-19 Vaccination Rates in Germany?
JBNST - Vol. 242/1 - 2022, pp. 149-157.
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Data Observer
IOER Monitor: A Spatio-Temporal Research Data Infrastructure on Settlement and Open Space Development in Germany
JBNST - Vol. 242/1 - 2022, pp. 159-170.
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