Manuscript Editing Standards

Manuscripts should be submitted on
For the first submission, please upload a PDF. If your paper is accepted, please upload the original files (Word/LaTeX).
Preceding the text, the following details are to be listed on the manuscript in the following order:

  1. Title in English language,
  2. Author name(s) and indication of institution and place,
  3. JEL-classification,
  4. Keywords in English language,
  5. Abstracts in English language

Download LaTeX-Style files.

Attachments to the Manuscript

The following attachments are required upon submission:

  • An English summary
  • A bibliography. Please attach in direct sequence to the bibliography the author’s complete reference address

Citations, Footnotes, Bibliography

  • Citation specifications: (1) Citations in the running text: Steiner and Wagner (1998: 5) or (Steiner/Wagner 1998: 110 ff.), (2) citations in a footnote: Steiner and Wagner (1998: 86ff.) or (Steiner/Wagner: 110ff.); if there are more than three authors: Boucekkine et al. 2002: 53f.).
    Several citations within parantheses should be separated by semicolon: (Steiner/Wagner 1998; Spengler 2004).
  • Footnote numerals in the text appearing at the end of a sentence or clause are placed behind the punctuation mark. Footnotes in the main title or with the author’s name use the star symbol (*). All other footnotes in the text use superscript Arabic numerals (1).
  • The bibliography is to be edited according to the following samples:

    Strecker, H., R. Wiegert (1989), Wirtschaftsstatistische Daten und ökonomische Realität.
    Jahrbücher für Nationalökonomie und Statistik, Bd. 206: 487-509.

    Klinger, S., M. Rebien, M., Heckmann, J. Szameitat (2011), Did recruitment problems account for the German job miracle? International Review of Business Research Papers 7: 265–281.

    Freeman, R.B, E.P. Lazear (1995), An Economic Analysis of Works Councils. Pp. 27-52 in:
    J. Rogers, W. Streeck (eds.), Work Councils: Consultation, Representation, and Cooperation in Industrial Relations. Chicago/London.

    Spengler, H. (2004), Ursachen und Kosten der Kriminalität in Deutschland – drei empirische Untersuchungen [Dissertation]. Can be downloaded at:
    (webpage dated 11.11.2005, last retrieved 24.09.2006).

Please use for numbers in your text, tables and graphs the correct German and english notation, depending on the language of your paper.
German: 10,8 / 5.000.000  English: 10.8 / 5,000,000

Figures (printer’s copy)

For accepted papers, all figures have to be sent as separate files in eps- or pdf-format.

Grids are to be avoided.


"Manuscript Editing Standards Journal of Economics and Statistics" as pdf-file.

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